Synch and Danish E-Commerce Association Launch Platform for Automated Trading Terms Creation1 min read

Synch, the law firm behind this blog, and The Danish E-Commerce Association (FDIH), have launched the web-platform that automatically generates trading terms and conditions (FDIH værktøj til handelsbetingelser). The platform was developed by Synch’s software development unit.

The platform allows to generate a customized set of terms of sale for web-shops selling goods or digital content to consumers. The trading terms were drafted by the FDIH and are fully compliant with the Danish consumer legislation, such as the Consumer Contracts Act, as well as the Danish Consumer Ombudsman guidelines.

Customized terms of sale are generated after the user has completed a Q-A form. The document automation technology at the heart of the platform also was developed internally by Synch. This technology includes the backend side – the smart template editor where placeholders, conditions etc. are mapped – and the frontend side – the dynamic Q-A form generated from the mapping. The platform is built in Python (backend and partially frontend) and JavaScript (frontend).

It is not the first time Synch has launched a web-application developed entirely in-house. Last year, the firm deployed PrivacyPolicyCheck.Ai, a tool that checks privacy statements for GDPR compliance. And DPA AI, a corporate solution for reviewing lengthy data processing agreements in seconds, is on the way.

The service is currently available to the FDIH members (more than 2000 e-commerce businesses).

Sergii Shcherbak