Meeting the Team of Juridika.No2 min read

Today Synch, the law firm behind Legal AI Blog, had a pleasure to have a meeting with the team of Juridika.No, a leading legal information provider and publisher in Norway.

The Juridika.No portal is one of such services that most lawyers use on a regular basis: one can access latest Norwegian legislation as well as constantly updated commentaries drafted by top experts in the field. A wide selection of latest legal textbooks is also available, both paperbacks and PDFs.

Interestingly, while lawyers still tend to prefer paper copies to e-books, there has been a shift towards digital literature this year. “We can see the change happening. Last year the sales were in favor of paperbacks. This year we witness massive interest in a digital format”, – comments Øyvind Harjo, the team leader.

What is special about Juridika as a legal content provider and publisher is its passion for innovation and understanding of the enabling value the technology can bring to the legal industry. The Juridika team comprises lawyers, editors, and software developers who maintain and develop the portal. “Apart from focusing on the main service offering and making the user interface simple and friendly, we constantly pay attention to small details which make a difference in lawyers’ daily work”, – says Katharina Andresen, designer. Indeed, the functionality showcased to Synch demonstrated a number of features that make legal research workflows easier, such as the “paste” feature that automatically adds a detailed citation after the inserted text, thus saving time. Juridika also closely monitor latest developments in legal AI, with the intention to use cutting-edge technology on top of the existing data to add value to the existing service offering.

Synch presented its services to Juridika as well. Sergii Shcherbak, Head of Development, showcased AI tools the company successfully launched, such as PrivacyPolicyCheck.Ai, as well as communicated Synch’s innovative vision: “For a modern law firm like Synch, it is not only about having advanced in-house expertise. Finding efficient collaboration with external parties who also drive progress in the field is as important. Juridika and Synch share common understanding that AI is the key transformation factor in the legal industry”.

Sergii Shcherbak