Synch launches its own AI tool for privacy policy analysis2 min read

Synch, the law firm behind Legal AI Blog, has launched PrivacyPolicyCheck.Ai, a client-oriented legal AI tool developed entirely in-house.

The tool provides high-level analysis of privacy policies from a GDPR compliance perspective, and it is free to use.

Having submitted a privacy policy, the user is shown results in the form of a compliance checklist comprising 17 GDPR requirements for a privacy policy, mandatory and conditional. Each of the requirements is accompanied with explanatory text, providing more details on the requirement and guidance on achieving compliance.

Since many of Synch’s customers are international, it was natural to start with the English version of the tool. Therefore, only privacy policies in English are supported at this stage.

The AI is based on deep learning, one of the most advanced and efficient approaches in machine learning. Each of the covered 17 GDPR requirements is analyzed by a separate neural network, trained on hundreds of privacy policies and tweaked depending on the task at hand. Moreover, there is an additional neural network that serves as a “gatekeeper” to the tool by determining whether the submitted document is a privacy policy and worth analyzing.

The tool allows for continuous training from privacy policies voluntarily supplied for this purpose by users. Hence, the accuracy of the underlying AI is improved over time.

Magnus Sundqvist, Head of Digital Services at Synch, says: “We are proud to be the first law firm in the Nordics to have developed legal AI entirely in-house, with the help of our brilliant AI and legal experts, such as Sergii Shcherbak, Anders Holm-Jensen, and Hampus Stålholm. Positive feedback that we have been receiving since launch demonstrates that the tool is easy to use and helps companies comply with the GDPR. This is our first digital product within the domain of AI, and we are confident there are more useful legal AI solutions from us yet to come.”

Check out the tool here. It is free to use, no registration required.

Sergii Shcherbak