Premonition AI Launches New Case Search Platform1 min read

Premonition, an AI-powered legal analytics firm, has launched FreeCourtCase.Com, an intelligent search platform allowing for instant look-up across millions of court records in the US in a single query. The website supports searches based on case name, attorney and judge. FreeCourtCase.Com uses Premonition’s litigation database which is claimed to be the world’s largest. Records from courthouses in Canada, Brazil, Ireland, U.K., Netherlands, India, and Australia are also included.

The services not only aims to simplify case search, which is currently a very time-consuming process due to the lack of a centralized up-to-date repository of court records including non-precedents, but also provides legal analytics tool that is able to predict future litigations. FreeCourtCase.Com is free, although the prediction tool has limited functionality comparing to the complete solution that Premonition offers its paid clients.

FreeCourtCase.Com is not the first AI-powered solution in the market offering intelligent case search for free. Recently, ROSS Intelligence released EVA, a web-based case search platform with an added functionality for analyzing briefs uploaded by a user.

Sergii Shcherbak

CTO @ Maigon.io

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